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    #GirlsClub On Demand has the proven combination of personal and professional skills to transform your sales career and catapult your team's performance to achieve remarkable results.

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    • You're on your way to being a badass in your sales role but need some additional skills for the next level.
    • You're a proven badass but aren't sure if you're ready to apply for that leadership position.
    • The culture of your current environment is all "bruh" and you need to make a move to grow.
    • You've moved up in your role but aren't getting the recognition or compensation you desire.
    • You're a Director or VP and need additional support to nurture high potential team members that need a confidence boost to unleash their genius.

Course Offerings

  • Ignite | #GirlsClub On Demand | Individual Contributor

    3 Month On Demand Course (any gender)

    Regular price $397.00 USD
    Regular price $497.00 USD Sale price $397.00 USD


    For ambitious individual sales contributors that aren't quite ready for leadership who need sales skills AND a confidence boost. This self-paced, on demand professional and personal development program is for you:

    • 3 World-Famous Sales-Level Courses for Advanced Sellers:  
      • SWIIFT℠ Introductions That Work: Start calls on the right foot and get DM’s talking FAST
      • Authentic (And Quick!) Rapport Building: Skip the line building connection and trust
      • Demos That Don’t Suck: Stand out from the crowd with world-class online demos
    • 20 On Demand Confidence Building Sessions with Powerful Industry Thought Leaders
    • “Path to Promotion” Tips and Tricks
    • Monthly Relationship Building Power Hours
  • #GirlsClub On Demand

    On Demand Course (any gender)

    Regular price $397.00 USD
    Regular price $497.00 USD Sale price $397.00 USD

    #GirlsClub On Demand

    This is the confidence career boost new or aspiring sales leaders need! This self-paced, on demand professional and personal development course provides #GirlsClub award-winning manager classes, on demand confidence building sessions tips and tricks to get you on your "Path to Promotion" and monthly relationship building power hours. 

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Learn how the #GirlsClub Experience Empowers Teams and Individuals!

Thank you so much! I learned so much from #GirlsClub, and have been applying those learnings both to my work and the work I do as a first-time-ever manager! It’s been invaluable.

Jessi S., Participant

This is such a fantastic program - nothing like this was around when I was coming up in sales management and leadership. How awesome to support young leaders in getting it right and changing our craft in all the right ways along the way. Well done #GirlsClub!

David M., Champion

My experience was nothing short of uplifting, empowering and resourceful. I’ve always wanted to grow as a sales leader and transition into leading a team. Because of #GirlsClub I know I can do hard things. I can be brave and bold. I can stand by my worth and values … and I think having all those capabilities will guide me to be a stronger leader than I was yesterday.

Natalie W., Participant

I think #GirlsClub has been very influential in just teaching me how to articulate my worth in this space. I transitioned out of education - I had 10 years in, and at this point I was like, “Do I really want to start over” and the answer was yes because I was bettering myself. And, I think each step along the way I have been able to. As a teacher, you give so much of yourself, and it was pouring back into me that #GirlsClub let me do, and realizing my worth. This has been life changing for me.

Porchia J., Participant

One of the most impactful programs I've been through. I can't recommend this more...

Shannon S., Participant

It’s been a huge impact both personally but even more so professionally. During this period I did go from support to sales, so I achieved that goal.
But personally, knowing and learning that I am so much more than I ever dreamed I could be. Proving to my daughters, that no matter how old you are you can still have goals and dreams, and you can learn about yourself in ways you never thought possible. I have learned so much about myself - so yes, professionally, thank you, but personally just as big.

Cyndi B., Participant

From a professional standpoint, #GirlsClub has done a lot for me - I have stopped asking permission, I stopped doubting myself, I feel way more excited and passionate about the things I am accomplishing. I am happy to share my own success and champion myself more.

Emmett S., Participant

I’ve been reading books, talking to mentors and meticulously trying to figure out what I want next in my career. Yet, I constantly hear this negative self-talk mainly rooted in the anxiety of how I will be perceived as someone who has been laid off. Sometimes all you need is a battle cry from Lauren Bailey. My experience taking part in #GirlsClub built the foundation for my confidence as a sales leader.

Amanda B., Participant

The very best investment you will make is in YOURSELF. For anyone looking for professional development or want to level up your skills and confidence - this program through #GirlsClub is for you. Highly recommend!

Hannah S., Champion