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#GirlsClub On Demand | Individual Contributor

#GirlsClub On Demand | Individual Contributor

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If you are an individual contributor, don’t miss our On Demand Representative training course from #GirlsClub! It's packed with practical sales skills and confidence boosters that make #GirlsClub stand out. Feel ready to take on the day and totally crush it!

Factor 8 Award Winning Sales Training: Go all-in on your sales career and show your dedication to ongoing development with a full year of job training, best practices, and high-impact strategies and tactics - capture new contacts, close more deals, and increase revenue.

Role Model Sessions: Led by our network of remarkable thought leaders, these sessions typically last about an hour. Gain insights from inspiring women at the top of their game. Topics include: overcoming limiting beliefs, negotiating pay, working motherhood, and so much more!

Rise Up On Records: Get real with our Founder and special guests as they share their fears, failures, and f*ups! Dive into these candid 3-5 minute videos, perfect for a binge-watching session.

Real Talk Conversations: Whether it's webinar panels or intimate 1:1 interviews, these discussions will provoke thought, stir emotion, and inspire you to elevate your game.

Course Outcomes:

  • 87% of past participants saw an increase in confidence both personally and professionally
  • 94% of past participants said they felt more prepared to take the next step in their career
  • This combination of content has contributed to over 500 promotions (and counting).

Program includes:

  • Welcome to The Sales Bar course
  • Immediate access to over 100 confidence building videos
  • 15 interactive online sales training courses
  • Quizzes and activities to test skill application
  • Downloadable cheat sheets, tools, and templates
  • New bi-monthly content 
  • Sales Management Certification

How It Works:

Choose between a monthly or annual subscription
You'll receive 2 new Factor 8 courses every month from the course list.
It takes 15-30 minutes to complete each course on average
You'll also receive new content bi-monthly
After you complete your required courses with an 80% pass rate, you'll gain access to your digital certification
To cancel your subscription, email (please allow up to 7 business days to process cancellations)
Note: We do not issue refunds

Check out Factor 8 Training details here!

Courses included:

  • Own Your Sales Day
  • Planning For Prospecting
  • Capture Contacts
  • SWIIFT℠ Value Statement
  • Running a Killer Sales Meeting
  • SWIIFT℠ Introductions That Work
  • My Role As A Consultative Seller
  • Uncovering Sales Opportunities
  • Overcoming The Brush-off
  • Question Like A Pro
  • Authentic (And Quick) Rapport Building
  • Call Bridging
  • Getting Deals Moving
  • Selling With Stories
  • Demos That Don’t Suck
  • Expert and Empathetic Listening Skills
  • Business Acumen
  • Messages That Get Returned
  • Gaining Referrals
  • SWIIFT℠ Discovery Dialogue
  • Call Goals
  • Engaging Your Customers
  • Qualify and Categorize
  • Transitioning To Close

Expected results: 

✔ Higher talk time
✔ Increased meeting close rate
✔ Higher meeting show rate
✔ Faster promotion to next level
✔ Better sales conversations
✔ More deals in pipeline
✔ Higher close rate and revenue
✔ Longer and more engaged customer conversations
✔ Increased net new buyers
✔ More deals in pipeline

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